Saturday, February 4, 2012

Make a list...

When Jim and I met we simply made a list- a list of all the things we wanted to try together.  Really- we both had a mental check list including all of the things we needed to experience together. You know- all the things you wish you would have figured out about your ex- before the 3 year mark. The things you used to brush off- or call cute.  Like how he used to clip his toe nails with his teeth- yuck! While it was never really a turn on- is it a deal breaker?
In reality, it’s going to come down to a heartfelt conversation with yourself- a long hard discussion asking if you can put up with the loud screams, the slurred words after a few beers, someone who doesn’t separate the colors and white, a person who never has matching socks, who leaves the seat up, hates doing dishes, hates Celine Dion, watches too many Lifetime movies, refuses to ask for directions, or even leaves science experiments all over your house. Whatever it is- you better find it- and fast.
Well, my advice to you- make a list. Be honest with yourself- figure out your deal breakers. Plus- who doesn’t enjoy an adventure? Even couch potatoes need to get explore now and then. J Our list consisted of items like: conquer a fear together, travel, go camping, go to a musical, tailgate, try our favorite restaurants, create art work, go to the casino, dance at a club…and the list goes on and on.
So during the first year in our relationship- Jim and I: traveled to Denver Colorado, went white water rafting, hiked down a mountain, went to see ‘Wicked’, tailgated at a Husker football game, enjoyed Netties and China Inn (and tried each other’s favorite dish), spent a night camping in a tent at Pawnee Lake, painted canvas that we still have hanging on our wall, danced the night away, and lost money to the casino..and much much more.
Through this we have learned many things about each other- some annoying, but mostly mesmerizing.  Having a list gives us the opportunity to have an excuse to go on a date, laugh and forget life for awhile.

Living in San Francisco gives us the opportunity to experience additional adventures. Today- we experienced the Academy of science- we visited the planetarium, walked through the rainforest, touched a star fish, discovered a ‘living roof’, visited Clode- the Albino alligator and watched African penguins dance throughout their exhibit —all while enjoying the simple company of the one we love.
One adventure down- and many more await our arrival. Continue to let your list grow- Cheers! 

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